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The general idea of vampires is that they are creatures of the night, have fangs, and feed on blood. The blood can be taken from a human, animal, or blood bag, which is basically the same as derived from a human.

HOW TO BECOME ONE: In order to become a vampire, a human being must first drink the blood o another vampire first. Then, they must be killed with vampire blood in their system, and once that has been done, they will need to feed off another human being in order to complete the transition. While a new vampire is in transition, they must consume human blood in order to complete the transformation within 48 hours. If they do not, they die.

It does not matter how the human is killed when there is vampire blood in their system, as long as their heart stops beating at any time before the vampire blood passes out ouf their system. That is when the transition will take place. While they are 'dead' -- the time that is usually a few days long between transition and being killed -- the vampire blood stays in their system, changing them. It usually takes from 2-4 days to complete.

If the human is not killed while the vampire blood is in their system, the vampire blood passes out of them and is harmless.

STRENGTHS: Vampires have enhanced capabilities. Most of them involve around physical characteristics and abilities, but some are derived from emotions they had as a human.

  • EMOTIONS: When a vampire becomes a vampire after transition, their emotions are enhanced as well as their physical capabilities. If the vampire was, for example, annoying or talkative as a human, they will become more so as a vampire. If they were depressed or easily upset as a human, those feelings will be intensified as a vampire. 
  • HEARING: As a vampire, their hearing is magnified. They can hear things that they were not able to when they were a human, including noises from at maximum 5 miles away, depending on the age of the vampire. The younger the vampire is, the more their capabilities -- not just hearing -- are stronger/weaker. Their hearing also allows them to listen to conversations or other noises around them, if they listen carefully enough. This is often used to 'eavesdrop' on other conversations going on around them. This ability is similar to that of a bat's ear, allowing them to listen to anything they want to around them.
  • MOTION: Vampires possess the ability to run or speed extremely fast, and can move so quickly that they are seen in a blur or not seen at all. They can also move swiftly and silently, giving them the element of surprise to use on enemies.
  • PHYSICAL STRENGTH: By far the most common vampire strength is the ability to use their inhuman strength. When a vampire is turned, they gain the strength of roughly 10 men, to put it in an easier way. They can carry up to 20 tons of weight, depending on their age. The older the vampire is, the stronger they are, as over the centuries they accumulate more strength. They can lift up cars, trailers, etc. with some ease.
  • COMPULSION: Every vampire is capable of compulsion. They can manipulate (also known as mind-control) humans into doing anything they say to. It can be used as an 'evil' or 'good' weapon, depending on the vampire. A human is only immune to compulsion if they are in possession of vervain, the natural herb that is a vampire's enemy, and are wearing it in them or contain it in their body/bloodstream. A vampire cannot compel another vampire, unless it is an Original vampire compelling another one descended from any of the other Originals' bloodlines, including their own.
  • OTHER: It is extremely rare for any vampire to have strengths other than the ones listed above. In these rare cases, it is likely that the vampire is descended or was turned by a vampire with enhanced capabilities that they gained over the years, and some of the traits may have been passed down to them. These other capabilities may include the ability to read thoughts, control others' emotions, etc.

WEAKNESSES: When you are a vampire, for every strength there is likely to be a weakness. These weaknesses are poisonous or even deadly to vampires, regardless if they are an Original or not.

  • VERVAIN: Vervain is the natural herb that is used against vampires. Vervain -- for an unknown reason -- burns against a vampire's skin when they come into contact with it. it is also poisonous if a vampire consumes it/when it enters their body. When vervain touches a vampire's skin, it burns, the same effect fire has on a human's skin, although it is imagined to be infinitely more painful, seeing as a vampire's skin is much more sensitive. A vampire can make him/herself immune to vervain by consuming a very little portion of it every day over a long period of time so that their body eventually gets used to it.
  • IRON: Although a vampire has the strength of 20 men, it is impossible for them to break free of iron restraints. Iron, however, will not burn when it touches a vampire's skin. It is, however, impossible for a vampire to break iron or rip it into pieces as they could easily do with other metals.
  • SUNLIGHT: As myth claims, vampires cannot walk out into direct sunlight. Doing so will burn their skin to the point of excruciating pain, as it burns them. However, if a vampire own and wears a piece of jewelry named a 'lapis lazuli' that has been blessed by a witch or warlock, they are capable of going out into the sunlight without getting burned by its rays. The lapis lazuli can be worn on a ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc. any piece of jewelry that has been taken care of by a witch/warlock.
  • WOODEN STAKES: To kill a vampire or incapacitate them, a person must use a wooden stake. To kill the vampire, they must drive the wooden stake through their heart and leave it there until the vampire is completely dead. To simply injure one, the stake can be driven through their stomach, back, etc. and will not kill them. Any other kind of stake can be used to injure a vampire, but only a wooden one can kill a vampire.

APPEARANCE: A vampire looks much like a human does. Their eye colour remains the same, not affected by their diet. When they compel another human or vampire (in an Original's case), their pupils grow bigger and then smaller as they compel the person. When they complete their transition, their appearance does not drastically change, only to the point where they are given remarkable beauty and therefore makes it easier to lure in their prey/what they are hunting.
DIET:  A vampire must feed on blood in order to survive. Stronger vampires are the result of drinking human blood on a regular basis. The human blood can be directly taken from the human or fed off of from a blood bag, therefore not harming a human. Weaker vampires or vampires with another lifestyle choice can drink animal blood, but the taste is not as satisfying and if the vampire does not maintain a healthy diet of human blood, they are not capable of doing things like compulsion and may be more susceptible to physical damage, as they are not as strong enough to therefore fight off attacks. Vampires are capable of consuming human food as well, as long as they keep a balanced amount of blood in their systems as well.
MORE: There are several myths that do not hold true, but there are some that apply to vampires in the 'real world'. For example: a vampire must be invited inside a residence by a human that lives there. Living meaning that they regularly sleep and eat there, making it their permanent residence. Vampires do not need to be invited into temporarily occupied residences such as hotels, motels, public lodges, etc. Vampires are also capable of sleep, and they do not sleep all day, as their lapis lazuli's allow them to walk freely in the sunlight.

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