"We are not gone forever."

Ghosts on Lovespell were once living until they were killed. But now they are back on the planet due to Esther and her witches. For she brought the Ghosts back with full intentions of getting their help to kill her children. But of course she had to offer them a prize. Whoever succeeds in killing an original would gain their human life back, as a human, not any other creature. Now the race begins.

Before the Return to the Human World Edit

After death the ghosts went to either one of two places. Either heaven or the In-between. Most the ghosts brought back were stuck in the in-between, not quite crossed over yet due to unfinished business. Those are the ones called back, for it is easier to use magic to bring back the ones not fully gone. While in this place they had been watching the world from above and know most of which is going on with the ones they care for. They know what has happened since their death and sometimes tries to communicate but never can fully get through. Not unless they have help from a witch. But now since the ritual they all have returned to the human world.

In Relation to the Human WorldEdit

In the human world ghosts are brought back as humans, not as what they were killed as. So if a vampire was brought back they would come back as human. If they succeed in helping kill an original their human status would remain permanent as they got a second chance to live the life that they had lost. 

Now Ghosts are basically humans. They can touch others, they have normal amounts of strength and senses. But they are also a bit more durable than humans for they can't really be killed again. If harmed in a fatal way they would just take a while before becoming conscious again. The only way to get rid of them is when the witches send them back to the other side.

Also they have contact with the other side in their dreams. They can travel back and forth between realms when asleep but only for breif times before they wake up allowed back in the human world.

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