Humans are the natural beings inhabiting the earth. They possess no extra capabilities/abilities, strengths, weaknesses, etc. They only live with the natural nature-made elements that make them who they are as a species. Compared to other species, humans are extremely fragile and vulnerable, and they are susceptible to things that do not affect other supernatural creatures such as weather conditions, illnesses, injuries, and more.

STRENGTHS: Humans have no abnormal strengths that set them apart from other species. They possess natural strength that allows them to do basic things such as carry objects thta do not pass their level of tolerance, cannot control others via mind powers, etc. They can only do what they were born to do. Unlike other species' strenghts, however, they can control their amount of strength or weakness by working out, building up strength, exercising, etc. They can gain or lose their strength based on their day to day activities. Humans are also capable of guarding themselves from other species, such as werewolves and vampires, by arming themselves with things such as vervain and wolfsbane when under attack.

WEAKNESSES: Compared to their strengths, humans have many more weaknesses than they do strong suits. They cannot run fast, speed away, jump great distances, or perform any other magnificient feat as other species do. Because they are all mortal, they all die of either natural causes or manipulated death, and they have only average strength. They cannot transform into anything else, any other creature, shapeshift, etc. They are limited to the way that they were born, and do not develop any powers later on in life unless they are changed into a vampire or a werewolf gene inside them is triggered.

DIET: Humans live off of, basically, any food that is put on earth to be eaten. They do not consume blood or raw meat, etc. because of their natural instinct to repel against these diets. Humans can eat anything that does not directly harm/poison their systems. If they consume something that's not good for them, their systems will automatically react to it and will obviously break down and they will become sick.

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