Niklaus in mild transformation.

Hybrids, are a combination of both werewolf and vampire. A newer race that has been only recently created aside from the originator Niklaus. 

History of the HybridsEdit

The first hybrid to exist was none other then Niklaus. Born into being a werewolf from his biological father he became a hybrid when his parents turned him into a vampire. However to put a semi-balance on nature Esther put the hybrid curse on him to make his werewolf gene dormant after his first kill. In order to break this curse he needed a few things. The Moonstone, A vampire, A werewolf, A witch and most importantly, a doppelganger's blood. 

Hybrids, were non-existant until a few months back when Niklaus discovered the newest doppelganger. He had failed to break the curse in 1492 when Katerina Petrova, the first Doppelganger to appear, caused her own death thus turning herself into a vampire and betraying Niklaus and his brother Elijah. More recently Niklaus has found his newest doppelganger in Elena Gilbert, and has thus broken the curse. 

Becoming a HybridEdit

In order for one to become a Hybrid, they have to at first become a werewolf. Once the werewolf gene has been activated one has to drink Niklaus's blood, then die. Upon waking the werewolf has to drink from both a human and the doppelganger's blood then, they will become a hybrid. 


Superspeed: Hybrids, like vampires can move in swift motions that can be hard to detect.

Superstrength: Like werewolves and vampires alike Hybrids are 10 times as strong as normal humans.

Venomous bite:  Due to their werewolf heritage, a hybrid has a bite which is fatal to vampires. Hybrid bites takes effect quicker than a werewolf bites. Werewolf venom is always at a hybrid's disposal unlike werewolves themselves which produce them during full moons.

Daywalking: Hybrids, can naturally walk in the sun without aid.

Shapeshifting: Hybrids can turn into their wolf form at will. Or even partial transformations are possible, I.E. Their eye color can change and fangs elongate.

Heightened Senses: Hybrids have the keen senses of a vampire. Much stronger than that of a werewolf.

Humanity Switch: Just like normal vampires, Hybrids can turn off their emotions.


Decapitation: Losing one's head, just like any other immortal creature will cause instant death for a hybrid.

Heart removal: Removing the heart from a hybrid's chest will end their life

Stakes: A stake through the heart will neutralize a hybrid but won't kill them. 

Silver: Due to their werewolf heritage, magic bonded to silver doesn't affect a hybrid. Weapons made of silver might wound them, but the wound heals at super-normal rates than regular wounds.

Compulsion: Hybrids, can be compelled by ORIGINAL vampires since they are part vampire.

Vervain: Like vampires, hybrids are effected by Vervain

Wolfsbane: Due to their werewolf side wolfsbane does still effect a hybrid.

Sire Bond: ALL HYBRIDS are sired to Niklaus and have to do what he tells them to do. Their free will can be overridden by his commands.

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