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Lovespell is a Vampire Diaries RPG that encourages several species, including a couple of our own that do not appear on the show. This wiki is to help members and other people interested in the site learn about the species that they may not be familiar with. Welcome to TVD, Lovespell style! To find certain categories hover over content to see them and click on the one you are looking for.

The story of LovespellEdit

The year is 2012. All the originals -- Klaus, Rebekah, Finn, Kol, Elijah, and Mikael have been released along with their mother, Esther. In hopes of destroying the abominations she has created, Esther is desperate to find a way to kill all of her vampire children. There's just one problem, though: the spell that once linked them together has been broken by a witch, Bonnie. Now it's every man -- vampire -- for him or herself. In the meantime, Elena Gilbert, a human, lives her life on the run away from the originals, who are willing to use her as bait/hostage in return for their freedom. Elena is in a torn relationship between the two Salvatores, Stefan and Damon. Stefan, a smart, wise vampire who puts safety first, and Damon, the dangerous, beautiful vampire who would do anything to have Elena all to himself. They are involved in a deadly war in which only one victor will emerge. The Originals can only be destroyed with a wooden stake made of the rare White Oak tree wood. With almost all of their useful weapons gone, what will Elena, Stefan, and Damon do to get the Originals dead? Alaric Saltzman is an innocent vampire hunter who was sucked into the dangerous world of the Originals. His wife, Isobel, was turned by Damon Salvatore. With his ring he can cheat death, but it has a deadly side effect: the ring often changes him into a mad serial killer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. With the help of Meredith Fell, a doctor at Mystic Falls Hospital, they work together to find the source of what's causing his horrible transformation that takes place at what seems the most random of times. With all this happening, who can keep their thoughts straight?

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