Shifters that turn into larger animals tend to go through a lot of clothing if dressed.

Shifters of LovespellEdit

On lovespell we have a species that has not been introduced into the show they are shifters. Humans that can shift into an animal of sorts. So far Shifters are fairly new to Mystic Falls however not unknown by some. Shifting is a hereditary trait, that the person comes into at random times in their lives. The change is generally trigged by a signifigant moment in the persons life. I.E. The death of a family member or any other tramatic experience.

  • Strength: Shifters have the strength of two humans while in their human form.
  • Healing: Due to the fact that they shift into an animal therefore forcing their bodies to change, shifters have rapid healing abilites much like those of werewolves and vampires.
  • Heightened Senses: Much like the were counterpart, shifters have heightened senses based off of their animal form. I.E. A dog would have the ability to sniff out just about any scent if it is not too old. 
  • Super Speed:  Much like the other supernatural creatures, shifters are also faster than any other humans. However their speed is not effected by age like a vampires. It is the equivelent of a werewolf's. 

  • Wolfsbane: Just like the were counterpart, Shifters are weakened by wolfsbane. Too much of it, can initially kill them.
  • Mercury: Shifters have a low tollerance for mercury. At the slightest touch it will burn them. If injected with Merucury it will slowly start to poison their blood until they die from a plague-like sickness. (Much like the bite of a werewolf effects a vampire.)

  • Agression: Shifters like their animal counterparts can become aggressive at the sense of another person's fear, or when they feel threatened.
  • Teritorial: Shifters are territorial at times when it comes to other shifters of the same gender.
  • Animal Instincts: Shifters have the same senses as animals. They can sense fear, aggression, anger and danger around them.
  • Sleep Patterns: Shifters, tend to share the sleeping patterns of their animal. I.E. A bear would sleep longer in the winter than in the summer. Cats would sleep more during the day than a normal human. 

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