Werewolf in wolf form.


Werewolves, are shape shifters that shift into the form of a wolf once every full moon. Lycanthropy is another term for this species. They are rather rare seeing as they are born into what they are. A werewolf’s genes are dormant for the most part until their curse is triggered by causing the death of another person, either accidentally or purposely. The werewolf gene is passed down through the bloodlines, and werewolf bites upon humans are non infectious if the human bitten does survive the attack.

(5) Once the curse is triggered a werewolf can only turn during a full moon, unless of course they have in fact been turned into a Hybrid . (Half werewolf, half vampire) Also, once the curse is triggered a werewolf cannot be compelled by a vampire, or even an original unless they are a hybrid.


1. Werewolves before and after triggering the curse have a low tolerance for annoyances. They are easily angered and tend to have spurges of violence which can sometimes lead to the accidental death of another being thus triggering the curse.

2. Among their dormant genes werewolves before triggering the curse are sensitive to high pitched sounds much like Vampires and other Canines that are not shifters.

3. Once triggering the curse a werewolf will have superhuman senses and strength. They are twice as fast as a human, however not as fast as a vampire. The closer they get to the full moon the stronger they become.

4. Werewolves have a toxic bite to vampires. The venom in their gums is extracted through their bite and will kill a vampire within two to three days. The older the werewolf, the more potent their venom becomes. Niklaus's venom can cause death within a twenty-four hour period. Only the original vampires are immune to this venom. They will become sick for a few days before the symptoms wear off. 

A.) Symptoms include: Fever, Hallucinations, weakness, cold sweats, delirium, memory loss and restlessness.

B.) The bite will continue to spread taking on an infectious look as it grows over the time until the vampire’s death on the third day (unless the werewolf was older)

5. A werewolf can only turn on the full moon, however when angered to a certain degree their eyes will change color. Upon triggering the curse a werewolf will feel an immense amount of pain, and the irises of their eyes will also turn a dark shade of yellow (the color of a wolf’s) however this only effects them for a matter of moments. 

6. The size and color of each wolf form varies from person to person depending upon the human’s that are cursed. They are generally larger than an average wolf therefore making them more distinguishable from your everyday wild dog.

7. Werewolves like vampires have the ability to heal rapidly due to the fact that their transformations cause them to break every bone in their body. The transformations are excruciatingly painful however through time and more changes the werewolf’s ability to deal with the pain allows it to become less exhausting. Upon their first transformation the werewolf will undergo short bursts of changes before fully transforming for a short period of time. This first transformation will generally take up to 5 hours before it is complete. As they get older the transformation will take less time and they will remain in wolf form for much longer. 

8. A werewolf’s top source of food are vampires, however if there are no vampires to be found they will go for the next option of humans. Werewolves have no recollection of what they do while in wolf form and have no control over who they attack. However, older werewolves can control themselves to some extent on the night of the full moon.


1. Wolfsbane, also known as Acolyte, is poisonous to a werewolf. Upon touching it, it will burn their skin. If inhaled it will cause their breathing to become strained and it will burn their lungs resulting in what could appear to be an acute asthma attack. Upon ingestion it will not kill them but it will weaken them enough to keep them somewhat subdued depending on the amount ingested. Also it will burn as it is going down the esophagus.

A.) Werewolves are actually immune to silver contrary to popular believe it does not harm them.

2. Decapitation will kill a werewolf much like any other creature. 

3. The Gilbert device, a device invented by Co-founder Jonathon Gilbert and enhanced by Emily Bennett  emits a high frequency sound that a werewolf or vampire can hear. It causes immense pain in the head and ears and can cause a werewolf to lose consciousness if heard for long intervals at a time. 

4. Much like their mortal enemies Werewolves are weak to magic due to their healing abilities. A witch can constantly cause brain aneurisms on a werewolf without killing it. 

A.) An aneurysm is an abnormal widening or ballooning of a portion of an artery due to weakness in the wall of the blood vessel inside the brain which is extremely painful and immobilizing. 

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